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EBook Conversion Services for Kindle and ePUB
Welcome to itglobalsolution.com, a flourishing endeavor associated with the Supremus Group. We are preferred vendor for many big publishers who use us as their conversion partner & we are BBB accredited USA based company with more than 2000 publishers and authors clients. It is here that you will find excellent eBook conversion services to fulfill your unique publishing needs. As the demand for professional quality eBooks rises, publishers and independent authors are looking forward to successfully selling the eBooks in several formats such as Kindle, Mobipocket, ePUB, multimedia eBooks etc. Our high quality and low cost eBook conversion service has consistently provided many publishers and independent authors the opportunity to sell their eBooks on several eBook publishing websites and eBookstores.

Our thorough understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the eBook conversion process guarantees your satisfaction and is why we continue to be ranked in the top of this field. Regardless of the number of images or other complex formatting issues, we can easily and accurately convert any type of Word, PDF, InDesign, Quark to ePUB, or other format file to Kindle, Mobipocket, etc. Our exceptionally trained conversion team can perform these detailed publishing needs with precise professionalism and efficiency.

Conversion Services for Kindle
We offer Kindle conversion at affordable rates. The Mobipocket and Kindle eBooks have allowed a new source of income for publishers and independent authors. Our services at itglobalsolution.com, make it simple for you to launch your eBooks on Kindle in the most affordable and efficient manner.

Publishing Services for Kindle: This service is provided to publishers and independent authors. We convert Word, PDF, InDesign, Quark and scanned documents to Kindle’s Mobipocket or KF8 format and publish them on Amazon.com. Due to the thorough technical knowledge required in this conversion process, it can be a bit overwhelming for you to take on this task alone. But, with the help of our exceptional Kindle conversion service, this process becomes quick and simple.

We provide the following Kindle conversion services:

ePub Conversion
The .ePUB formats are books that can be read using an extensive range of software and electronic devices. This includes the iPad, iPhone, Nook reader, Kobo reader, Sony reader and other android operated devices. The ePUB format continues to increase in popularity and has become the new standard amongst many publishers and eBook stores.

We provide the following ePUB conversion services

We offer our ebook conversion services to authors and publishers based in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries. If you are looking for a cheapest service, then we are not the vendor that you are looking for but if you value quality work, protection of your copyrights, good customer service and economical prices then you should give us an opportunity to quote you.

Please email your word or PDF file to Bob@itglobalsolution.com or call 515-865-4591 if you have any questions before sending the file.

Note: itglobalsolution is not affiliated with Amazon.com.
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