Charities Supported

We thank all our customers for the past 10 years for their valuable business which has allowed us to support multiple charities and directly help individuals and charitable organizations so money is not wasted on administrative services.

  1. We sponsor 7280 meals per year for orphan kids in an orphanage. We have supported this program for the last 4 years.
  2. Sponsor education of 8 kids so they can bring their family out of poverty and have a secured future.
  3. Provide poor kids educational supplies to ensure that they can get the education to help them build their future.
  4. Provide your adults who are willing to work hard by buying the necessary tools so they can start their own business. This helps them to earn their livelihood and support their family.
  5. Through United Way, we donate to local schools

If you would like to sponsor any such activities then feel free to contact us and we will help you meet your charity goals. Based on your budget, we can recommend activities to you. We will send pictures to you for showing how kids/families received benefits.

We are working on a new charitable program to find a cost-effective way (with detailed logistics) to send gently used kids’ clothes from the USA which may end up in a dump yard, to third world counties where kids do not have clothes to wear. This project has a lot of logistics challenges of collecting clothes, sorting based on age and season, packing boxes in containers, and ensuring that the clothes are actually distributed to the needy kids. We are in process of trying to figure out the cost, process, and logistics for this project.

We thank all our clients for allowing us to do this charitable work. We appreciate your business.

Sharing is Caring.