PPC Strategy Management Services

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most important and fastest Digital Marketing techniques to drive traffic towards your site and get your website on top of search engine results. This is one of the easiest ways where you can control your budget and manage your return on investment (ROI) for the campaign. However, PPC campaign management is a detailed process and complex work that requires a lot of research and analysis to run properly and to get maximum ROI.

Our PPC experts at IT Global Solutions have extensive experience to manage PPC campaigns for a wide variety of industries and businesses throughout the world. We are Google certified agency in the USA that can manage your AD campaigns effectively for getting maximum conversions for your business. They will always take a unique strategy for managing the campaigns and help you to determine the best keywords to run your ad campaigns.

PPC Strategy and Management Services:

At IT Global Solution, you will get guaranteed affordable PPC plans and strategies according to your effective audience reach. Our PPC management strategies consist of the following steps:

 PPC Strategy: We will analyze your business, industry, and competitors first to determine the best approach for your PPC Campaign. After thorough research, we will then develop a strategy that can give you the results that you are looking for.

Implementation: You can come to us for existing PPC campaigns as well as to build a new campaign too. We will always take proper strategy to build the campaign and implement it accordingly. Our strategy will include choosing the right keywords, developing ad copy writings, establishing a daily or monthly budget, and many more.

Keywords Research: We know that keywords are the main and important part of the PPC Campaign. So, we don’t want to waste your money on any unnecessary keywords. So, we take the specialized technique to ensure that e are choosing the right and perfect keywords for your business and avoiding the wrong one.

PPC Copywriting: Your Ad copy can affect your impressions and clicks. We will focus on the ad copy in such a way that your ad will focus on the targeted keywords in that particular ad group as well as the targeted landing page of the website. A compelling title and description are as essential as keywords to get you to click on your ads. We write your entire ad through our in-house content writers to get catchy and effective ads.

Ad Extensions: It is another crucial part of your PPC Campaign. It will help you to make your ad campaign become successful and stand out from your competitor. Using such Ad Extensions will provide some vital traffic to your website.

Tracking: Our PPC experts will analyze and track all the data and optimize your campaign to run it successfully.

Bid Management: Our team bids only on keywords that will give you great ROI.  Bids are tracked and monitored very closely and your campaign is optimized continuously with an emphasis on keywords that are most targeted.

ROI Rate Report: All our PPC Campaigns are regularly monitored documented and shared with clients. We really feel proud of the transparency of our reports. Our PPC reports will show the improvement of your campaign. ROI has been monitored closely on regular basis and our Performance data report for all the keywords can be easily viewed by the clients including CTR(Click Through Rate), ROI(Return on Investment), and traffic as well.

Our various PPC Services in the USA:

Search Advertising: While you want to show your ads on Google or Bing search results, then you must need the help of Search Advertising in which we will help you. People who search in the search engines for your services will get your advertisement on the search results. We are well known for providing excellent advertising management to get maximum conversions.

Display Advertising: Display Advertising is the way to show your ads on different websites and blogs. It is really a very good method to reach as many people as possible who are interested in your services. All our PPC experts use the latest technology, advanced remarketing tools, and Google analytics to run the Display advertising in a better way.

Social Media Advertising: Social Media Advertising is a powerful process to reach more audiences within a limited budget. It is a great way to get a higher reach in lower CPC. Many companies choose Social Media to reach the maximum audience by taking good strategy through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many more which in return can give you good results.

Google Shopping: Google Product Listings Ads are one of the great sources for e-commerce portals or product-based companies to show their products in search engine results to directly let customers buy the products. IT Global Solutions with its Google Shopping PPC services packages will create and manage effective ads to provide excellent services.

Re-Marketing Advertising Process: Remarketing is the smart advertising technique, which will show ads to those users who have visited your website earlier. So, you can now retarget your previous visitors through this advertisement and encourage your visitors to take positive actions by showing relevant ads. If any user clicks on your remarketing ads, he is mostly performing a conversion. A well-optimized remarketing campaign can be extremely profitable. You can show your Remarketing Ads on Google Search and Display Network, Facebook, and also in some other third-party networking sites (Like Re-targeter and Adroll), etc.

Mobile Advertising: Mobile advertising has grown exponentially all over the world over the past few years with the increasing use of smartphones and data connectivity. Thus, it is important to focus on mobile advertising programs today to increase business profit. Through a customized mobile advertising program, we are offering lots of facilities including mobile apps installations, downloads services, e-commerce sales, callout extensions as well as brand awareness services too. With mass reach and less CPC (Cost Per Click) than Desktop Ads, Mobile Advertising has become a great option in today’s market. But you need an expert to target your mobile audience effectively. Our experts are well experienced to manage your mobile advertising campaigns and capable enough to combine them with display, search, social, and remarketing ads.

Why Choose IT Global Solution:

There are thousands of companies throughout the world that are offering Paid search marketing and are also carrying out campaigns.  But hiring a team of experts in PPC Services from IT Global Solution, you can make yourself free and put aside all your worries as we will engage our expert resources for handling single/multiple Paid ad campaigns of your business. Benefits that you can get from us are:

  1. Low-cost virtual headcounts
  2. A dedicated resource under the experienced monitor
  3. Expert team with Google Adwords certified
  4. Prompt accessibility with the team through chat, phone, emails, voice calls, etc.
  5. Reliable, Secure, and Confidential Pay Per Click Marketing Company
  6. Assigns dedicated team for every client
  7. Replacement of Resources if required
  8. Escalation Hierarchy for supervision and monitoring

IT Global Solution is a trusted and one of the leading PPC agencies in the USA and across the globe. We provide PPC services in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, and many other cities in Illinois as well as in other places too. So, whether you are looking to create a new PPC Campaign or you want to run your current PPC Campaign which is not performing well, contact us today.