Online Reputation Management (ORM)

All types of businesses and companies are working hard to build their online reputation. Customers/Clients will not take services from or want to be associated with any such company which is untrustworthy, in bad standing or in a false reputation. But it is really sad to think that not always any problem will ruin your business reputation, even unfounded small rumors can also downfall your business reputation which has been built carefully over a long time. A bad story, a negative review or even a small joke and you might lose your new as well as old customers.

So, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of managing the perception prevalent about a corporate or business entity or an individual also on the Internet Web world on the web-based networking sites, Search Engine Result Pages and on Social Media too. The Online Reputation Management can also be referred in different terms of Corporate Reputation Management, Brand Management, Celebrity/Personal Reputation Management and much more.

How Online Reputation Management Services Different from SEO:

Online Reputation Management is related to SEO and it follows lots of techniques from SEO. However, ORM has totally different goal from SEO and also the techniques are taken from SEO will be followed in a different and smart way for ORM. The aim for Online Reputation Management is to promote positive content about an entity like brand, company, celebrity, individual etc. and maintain their fame in the online web world, and not to generate traffic with some related keywords. The main target for ORM is to push down the negative results in any SERPs and bring up the positive reviews/comments/results on top so that while people will search, they can only see the positive feedback of the entity.

ORM Service by IT Global Solutions:

So, if you are searching for a tactful, strategic and result-oriented online reputation management service, then you are at the right place. IT Global Solution is the state of art solution provider for any types of IT related services that will serve you the best. With all the updated status, advanced tools and experts digital marketers, you can smoothly gain grand success in this online industry at Illinois including Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield and other cities. Our reality is our intelligent hard work which turns into customer satisfactory results. We manage our ORM services in a different way for different industry. Our reputation management service varies person to person, industry to industry or even company or company also. We divide our online reputation Management as per the following different types of services:

Brand Reputation Management Services:

We acknowledge the importance of Brand Reputation and thus provide all our best services to protect your brand. Our brand reputation service include –

  • Developing a positive online presence of your brand as per the mission.
  • Remove or diminish all the negative online presence including negative reviews or bad images too.

We work diligently to protect your brand from all aspects, converting negative attention towards positive opportunities. Our technical expertise will provide you a definite way to safeguard your brand reputation that you built from the ground up.

Corporate Reputation Management Services:

Our ORM services also include monitoring, repair and protection of your corporate identity through online web world. Online reputation for corporate is the ideal defense. Our service and aim for ORM of corporate services include removal of negative corporate reviews, online positive comments, positive opinions and remarks that will make a positive image of your brand while people will search for your corporate brand through online.

Hotel Reputation Management:

For hotel industry, reviews mean a lot. We all know that customer reviews can make or break the online reputation of your hotel or restaurant business. Whatever the service of your hotel/Restaurant is, there is always some people who like to give negative reviews on Google+, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zomato or such other local business directories. But, fortunately, you can now enjoy reliable resistance against such online offense through our hotel reputation management service experts to remove or drop down any unfair opinions or reviews which are negatively affecting your hotel’s/restaurant’s reputation through online. Our Hotel/Restaurant Reputation Service includes:

  • Monitoring online reviews on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and also on Local Business Directories like Yelp, Trip Advisor etc.
  • Removing or Drop Down the negative or Bad Hotels/Restaurant’s reviews as well as some unfair complaints.
  • Boosting Positive Web Content.
  • Improving online ratings through genuine positive reviews.
  • Building positive online Identity.
  • Protect against smear campaigns by your competitors.

Celebrities/Personal/Individual Reputation Management:

We want to reach more people and thus for the celebrities and any other famous individual persons, it is necessary to maintain their image. It is really an unfortunate reality for any celebrities, actors, actresses or any other famous individuals while any of your social friends and enemies will target you with hateful rumors and comments.  The smallest rumor can destroy your online personality. Our online celebrity reputation management service can protect an online image of any celebrities or individuals. From individuals to the branding of politicians, celebrities who are seeking for the support of fans, we will help all you in our best possible light. Our Celebrity Reputation Management Service includes:

  • Creating and Maintaining Positive Online Identity
  • Boosting Positive Web Content
  • Online Search Engine Management to Suppress or Remove Negative Results
  • Personal Privacy Protection
  • Protect against any defamation
  • Individual Bad reviews/comments, unfair complaints removal

Hospital Reputation Management Services:

Hospitals, Doctors, Medical practitioners are the light of our life. They help patients with any sickness, diseases, injury and other problems and thus sometimes they recover their patients and sometimes not for which they are becoming the target of online defamation. So, whether it is a large hospital with hundreds of patients a day or an individual doctors or practitioners, we IT Global Solutions will help you to restore your online reputation by targeting all the bad reviews, negative imaginary and contents. So, while people search for your hospitals or as an individual famous doctor, they will not find the search page with full of defamation and lies because we will boost up all the positive and good reviews at the top and pushed down the negative reviews at bottom of the result pages.

Benefits which you will get through our ORM Services:

  1. We will proactively monitor your website’s SERPs.
  2. Do the detailed scrutiny of user generated content to control the search result on different Search Engines.
  3. Scrutinize website’s contents on regular basis.
  4. Helping our clients to understand about the essentiality of different things which will be helpful to keep their websites floating and neglecting the unnecessary aspects.
  5. Noticeable ranking of your website in Search Engines.
  6. Affirmative brand identity formation.
  7. Recognize the respective online competitors of your site.
  8. Scrub out or decrease the ranking of negative listings from the top of search engines.

ORM Process/Packages Taken by IT Global Solutions:

The process that is followed for the Online Reputation Management Package services is simple and familiar to the customers:

  1. Promotion of the existing contents which are with a positive attitude.
  2. New informative, positive and unique content creation.
  3. Social Media Profile creation.
  4. Active involvement in the social web world through forums, social networking, and blogs.
  5. Other positive and active profile and content creation.