Google Penalty Recovery and Removal Services

Does the last Google Algorithm Update appear to you as a Nightmare? Do you find next Morning that your Website has lost its Top Ranking in Search Engine Result Pages? Are you noticing a huge drop in your Website’s Traffic?

You are still worried as your site got hit by Google Panda or Google Penguin Updates.

Now you don’t have to bother much! We at IT Global Solution are providing Google Penalty Recovery Services, Penguin Recovery Services, Panda Recovery Services, and Link Removal Services to the websites which have been penalized by Google Updates. We keep on doing deep research on the latest Google Updates and keep our clients informed about the updates. Hence, to recover any website from a penalty is not a tough task for us whether it is a Manual or Algorithm Penalty.

Reasons for Google Penalty

There are multiple reasons for penalty such as publishing duplicate or thin content, making unnatural or malicious links, keyword stuffing in content, the practice of sneaky redirects/cloaking, or maybe your site has been hacked.

One fact that Everybody knows is Google rolls out 500-600 New Algorithm Updates in a year for enhancing the search experience for users and to ensure that websites with useful and quality content rank. So, every webmaster has to be quite alert while working on the website optimization if intentionally or unintentionally he has performed any Black Hat practices or Spamming.

How to identify if your site has been penalized?

  • A considerable decrease in organic traffic.
  • You cannot find your site in Google site search when you are typing ‘’ in the Search Box.
  • Your website has fallen from its position in SERP for targeted keywords.
  • In Google Webmaster, you are getting an unnatural link warning message or error code.
  • You noticed that your website’s PageRank (PR), Domain Authority, Page Authority have been declined.

IT Global Solution Google Penalty Recovery Services

Get your Lost Position back

In the scenario when your website has been punished by Google, you should not panic. Our multiple clients have got their position back in Google with the help of our Link Removal services and We assure you that you will get yours.

We follow simple 3 steps in Panda or Penguin Recovery Services: –

1. Research and Complete Understanding

When a client comes to us with his penalized website. First of all, we perform broad research on-site and its linking websites. Also, we try to find out the possible reasons for a penalty by having a discussion with the Client.

We check all the inbound links, outbound links, content for duplicity, Metas, Robots.txt issues, hreflang problems, hidden content, DMCA takedown, etc. We go to the Google Webmaster and Analyse the critical messages or error codes. We check if the affected site has taken any backlinks from malicious sites or hacked sites. Ultimately test if any Google Policy violation took place.

2. Taking the Required Actions

After the complete analysis, when we catch the reasons for the penalty. We take several steps: –

  1. Remove or Update the shallow or duplicate content on the site.
  2. Delete the spam links coming to the site using Google webmaster.
  3. Improve all over-optimization issues done in the past.
  4. Try to Disavow all suspicious links.
  5. Perform all the White Hat correct practices necessary for the long-lasting ranking of the site.
  6. Lastly, we resubmit the new Sitemap.

3. Requesting reconsideration or review in Google

Finally, after taking all the required measures, we submit a request to the Google search engine for reconsideration of the website in the organic results. The request contains a report in which we list all the issues on which we have worked and assure Google that we have corrected all our wrong activities and negative points.

4. Showing up the Positive Result to you

The reconsideration process takes some time, so we wait for that period. After successful recovery of the website in the Google search results. We send the report containing all the steps taken during the Google Penalty Recovery and Link Removal Service and their benefits with a greeting message.

Also, we suggest our client perform white hat SEO activities and publish useful & fresh content on the site for their high ranking in Google.

IT Global solution is always ready to provide you with trustable Google Penalty Recovery and Removal Services. Don’t wait! If you want to see your website’s top ranking in Google search results.