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Kindle eBook Conversion

Itglobalsolution is an ebook conversion service Provider Company that provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for your Kindle and Mobi ebook conversion and we are the preferred ebook conversion vendor of Amazon for their Kindle format 8 & Mobi format. We are BBB accredited, USA based company that has helped more than 2000 authors and publishers in converting PDF, Word, InDesign, a printed book of any language text to Mobipocket, Kindle Format 8 (KF8), Multimedia Kindle, Fixed layout Kindle, ePub, fixed layout ePub and multimedia ePub format with fast turnaround and economical prices for manual conversion. Specializes in the creation of Kindle Format 8 (KF8) content with multimedia content.

Benefits of using our Kindle Conversion Services:

1.         We are a USA-based business physically located in the USA. This helps a lot when you have questions and need clarifications and want to TALK TO A PERSON. If we are busy, leave a voice mail we will get back to you within 1 business day.

2.         We guarantee all our work and in case you have any trouble; we will help you resolve any issue as we are not going anywhere..our clients can vouch for it.

3.         We have all different readers like Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc available for developers to test the file on the reader itself if needed.

4.         We are not a fly-by-night operator we have been in business for 5 years with many satisfied clients who have also given a testimonial for the ebook conversion services.

5.         We provide you an exact cost for conversion after viewing the file as each file is different. One price for all services has a lot of hidden costs OR a bad quality product hence we don’t publish the prices on our website.

6.         We don’t charge extra for creating a hyperlinked table of content, it is part of the cost. We also don’t charge extra for adding a cover to the book, it is also included in the quote provided.

7.         Normally we try to respond to your queries within 1 business day. We can also offer a quick conversion service (depending on your file formatting & size)

8.         After we convert the file we send it to you for review. If you find any errors on our side due to conversion, we will fix them for free.

9.         Our staff will guide you on how to upload the file on Kindle and other resources to help you upload the file.


We believe in continuous improvement by building relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We dedicate ourselves to meeting costumer’ requirements and aim to achieve our goals through customer delight. We work as a team to achieve our mission. Our people are our most important resource and the basis for our success. We strive for an environment characterized by respect for each individual, where cultural diversity is blended by teamwork into a harmonious workforce

We can help you with all of your kindle and Mobipocket conversion services. Call Supremus Group LLC on (515) 865-4591 or email us at for a quote.