Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your websites on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, etc. We can say that Search Engine is together an art and a science. Proper website building, creating search engine compatible websites, choosing proper keywords, and writing keywords-specific content are all essential parts of obtaining top rankings on the Internet. So, SEO is the way to create your website as a brand. It will also help your website to become an individual identity that is well known and appreciated in the online marketing world.

So, if you run any small or big online business and are looking into the related traffic for your website, you will definitely need the help of SEO. There is no use in creating the website or running the business if there is no profit at all. So, what is necessary for any business website is a top placement in the fast-moving and updated search engines and drive related traffic. Here, we will help you to rank best, drive traffic and increase the profit label of your business.

Why IT Global Solution for SEO services:

IT Global Solution is a renowned and one of the best SEO Companies in the USA which provides quality SEO services and Internet solutions to its clients in the USA and all over the world. Our professional, experienced and dedicated team offers the most effective search engine solutions in the USA and beyond. We are also giving our clients the guarantee of getting top 10 in Search engine ranking for most of the effective and targeted keywords lists. All our On-Page and Off-Page processes are designed and formed as per the latest Google and other Search Engine guidelines and follow only the White Hat techniques. Not only that, but we also helped numerous websites to recover from the Google penalty which has been done by Google Panda or Penguin update.

Today’s Search Engine drives almost 85% traffic to any website among which 80-90% of traffic comes from organic results and the rest are from sponsored ones. So, it is essential to get top rank in the organic lists of search engines to attract the most targeted traffic. The visitors who are coming through organic traffic are more interested to buy your products rather than coming from sponsor one. So, you need to attract them as best as possible which can only happen while your website is on the top list. The role of IT Global solution comes here.  We will provide the highest ROI through our affordable SEO services for all the projects. We have a proven track record of many of our clients which are ranking in Google’s top 10 results as well as in other Search Engines for the most competitive and targeted keywords in their respective industries.

Our SEO Services Plan:

We know that one plan does not fit all types of websites or all types of industries. Thus, we put together multiple SEO plans which can be followed for different types of small or big businesses, enterprise customers, SMEs, or any other type of industry. We will provide you with proper and strong SEO reports which will keep you updated about the progress of your SEO campaign. Our overall SEO plans are designed to compete with various other competitors as per the targeted keywords and geographic locations too.

Engagement Plans:

  1. Proper SEO Plans: If you want an ROI or turnkey SEO solution for your website and business, then we will provide you with the perfect SEO plan for your website according to your budget and requirements.
  2. SEO Consulting: If you only need help to discuss or consult with us as you already have an in-house team of SEO professionals to execute your work properly, then also we are here to provide you with proper strategy and monitor your SEO activities and give you an hourly rate for overall consultation.
  3. SEO Reseller Services: If the client is looking for White Label SEO, IT Global solution has consistently rated as the top 10 SEO resellers in the USA.
  4. Dedicated SEO Services: If the client has multiple projects with hundreds or more keywords to be targeted and get ranked for their website, you can hire a dedicated SEO person or a full team with all expertise in Onsite and Offsite SEO, content writing, designing, development as well as SEO copywriting too.
  5. SEO Advisory: If your business is a small start-up and you need SEO help constantly, then also we will give you the right suggestions and tips to grow your start-ups.

We are not here only to talk but also to deliver you the right thing successfully. We will give you a guaranteed SEO ranking of your website which means all your investment in us is safe and secure. We never compromise on the quality and our professionals do not use any Black Hat SEO techniques for quick SEO results. Consult and discuss with us to know what IT Global Solution is capable of doing for your business as an SEO Company in the USA.

Some Key Areas that we focus on:

On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO Optimization is the most important aspect of any SEO company. In this section, your website will be optimized for various levels to make it ensure that your website could get the right signals. It is the base for any SEO agency. Our On-Page SEO focuses on some of the key areas:

  • Website Review/ Conduct In-depth Audit of the Website
  • Competitive Website Analysis
  • Keywords Research
  • Content Strategy and Content Optimization
  • Website Informational Architecture Analysis and Optimization
  • Meta tag, H Tag, and Website Navigation structure establishing
  • Improve Website HTML and Markup Code as necessary
  • Integration of Google Analytics Code
  • Using Structured Data/Rich Snippet/Data Highlighter as and when required

Off-Page SEO: Off-Page is a science that will help your website to create authority by making an online presence felt on the web in the right places. Any reputed SEO company in the USA will always offer you the best and updated SEO off-page activities by taking proper techniques which will help your site to generate more business traffic.  At IT Global Solution, Off-Page Optimization has new meaning and the clients have redefined their brands through our properly researched and updated strategy.  All we do to maintain the white hat SEO Off Page techniques are:

  • Establish and Generate Links to your site from High Authority Domains. Our Submissions in reputable third-party websites are performed manually to resist the automatic spam and get the maximum link juice from the good authority domain.
  • Become a part of the Popular Social Networking Landscape which is influencing and effective for your website.
  • Creating Global/Local Business Listings for your business to gain more credibility including Google Places, Niche Directories, Local Business Listings, etc.
  • Doing proper Guest Posting for Your website content marketing which is now in high demand in the Online Market.
  • If required, use press Release/News to make your business presence felt on PR Media.
  • Also, engaging in other content marketing strategy including articles, blogs, etc.
  • Creating powerful Profiles, engaging Potential Customers, and building Online Reputation for your Company.

Why Choose IT Global Solution for Your Business?

IT Global Solution has proved to be one of the leading SEO companies in the USA and beyond which has given top ranking to all its clients for their targeted business keywords. It is our strategy and hard-working that helps all our clients to improve their rankings and boost their sales. What exactly makes us apart from any other SEO company is the fact that we pay real attention to the requirement of all our clients and thus take individual strategies for everyone.
Drive Quality Traffic: We will give you the guarantee to drive quality and related traffic to your site through our Organic SEO strategies which will help to improve your website ROI.

Best Talent in the Industry: Our extraordinary success has helped us to attract potential customers to our website and make us put on the market as the best talent in the industry.

High Ranking: We always make an effort to implement the latest updated trends with the industry norms to help your website attain a higher and top ranking in different Search Engines.

Increases Brand Awareness: We help your business to elevate and turn into a brand in this competitive market by executing some latest and creative techniques.

Ethical SEO: All our professionals are highly trained and experienced enough which combine the right methods to drive your website to the top 10 in Search Engine ranking result pages without any Black Hat SEO.

Proven and Updated SEO Process: We always make ourselves updated according to the Google or other Search Engine algorithm updates. Our research team keeps on testing on different Onsite/Offsite SEO techniques to see what works most and once we are sure of it, we will incorporate this into our SEO process and on your website.

Improved Site Conversion: Our latest SEO techniques drive more traffic and boost the website conversion rates which turn into potential customers and sales.

So, if you want to enhance your business revenues and plan to expand it to the online world, then you are at the right place. Call or Contact us directly and our consultant will offer you the best solution for your website.