Canadian publishers have been giving more and more attention to their eBook efforts. Many publishers in Canada have been slow to join other US and international publishers that focused on eBooks very quickly. However, more Canadian publishing companies are focusing more and more on eBook and digital publishing. The number of publishes that are producing eBooks has increased to 93% in 2014. Experts are predicting that the number will go up even more over the course of this year.

Of the 93% of the companies that are producing eBooks, 50% have digitized their active titles and a quarter have digitized about 75% of their backlisted titles. Canadian consumers have been elated with these changes, as many were still waiting to access books in digital format. Most of the publishers are opting to release print and eBook books simultaneously. The publishers are citing increased sales as the reason for releasing eBook versions. Others cited meeting customer demand. The publishers didn’t feel that the digital versions helped them lower costs, unlike previous years.

Nevertheless, the companies are increasingly developing eBook platforms and apps to allow their customers direct access to their books only. In addition, more publishers are publishing digital originals within the last year. Many customers and businesses are cheering the constant development that’s being undertaken by the publishers. We can expect to see the eBook market in Canada continue to strengthen.