Amazon has recently unveiled a new font for their iPhone and iPad apps that is intended to increase readability of the text across various platforms and devices. The font has been specifically designed for Kindle and is supposed to increase the readability of texts by 2%. The font itself is called Bookerly and is replacing the font known as Caecilia.

In addition to the new font, Amazon has updated the layout engine. Users will see improvements in kerning, drop caps, text justification, image positioning and even more options and features. The new font has been set as the default font for Kindle Fires and all their apps. It was custom made by Amazon and is similar to Google’s Literata. The hope is that the new font will help improve some of the aesthetic issues that bother users when they are using eBooks. While the font is only 2% better than the previous one, that is still an improvement over the previous font.

Overall, it is expected that the improvements to the layout engine are going to be more lauded than the font itself. The changes have made eBooks appear more like print typesetting which makes it easier for readers overall. The changes should particularly help those that often adjust the sizes of the fonts.