How to Self Publish an eBook or Print?

So you’ve written a book and you want to self-publish it. What’s next? You have to decide which route you prefer to use when publishing your book. You can try to publish it through one of the traditional publishers, but that takes a long time. There’s the added issue of getting your manuscript approved for printing. The traditional publishers can be immensely hard to get into.

You can also opt to have your book printed and then distribute it yourself. While many authors choose this route, this can be an immensely hard path to take. Doing this means that you do have printed copies of your book to sell, yes. However, it means that you have to do all of the marketing and distribution yourself. Plus you have to cover the costs of the printing and storage yourself. These quickly get into the thousands of dollars for anything beyond small orders.  Additionally, without the big corporations backing you, it can be extremely hard to get wide coverage of your work. Many authors that choose this route become well-known in the area they live in, but their reach doesn’t spread much beyond that.

You can also choose what more authors have been deciding to do, lately. They publish their work as an eBook and then print hard copies, as demand requires. This allows writers to get better coverage of their work because it is easier to spread information about their book online. It also saves them the arduous process of trying to get the approval of the big publishing companies. By printing on demand, they save themselves the immense costs of printing large numbers at once. Additionally, they don’t have boxes and boxes of books to store and distribute.

This process means that you don’t have to provide thousands of dollars to a printer, find ways to store all of the printed copies, and not have a guarantee of making your money back on the printed copies. If you publish your work online first, you can build up a following and let them know that you offer print-on-demand services. This way you know that your book is going to readers that truly appreciate it and you won’t lose money on the printing and storage costs.

By going this route you can save yourself thousands of dollars because you’ve eliminated the huge upfront fees that most publishers charge. You don’t have to worry about publishing or distribution fees and more. Plus you don’t have boxes of books taking up space in your living room or guest bedroom.

More and more authors are taking this route and avoiding the costs that can saddle you with more debt and worry.

We recommend the following options:

Ebook formats:          Amazon’s Mobipocket format for Kindle

Open Source format of ePUB for Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo Reader, and others.

Print on Demand:      Amazon print on demand, Lightning Source print on demand.

To discuss how to self-publish an eBook or print on demand and the approximate cost for conversion, please contact Bob Mehta at Supremus Group on (515) 865-4591 or