So, you have a book, you’re getting it converted. You’re choosing which platforms you want to use in selling your book. But have you considered whether or not you need an ISBN? This is often a question that many authors forget to consider until much later in the process of getting their book converted and published. There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding ISBNs, so it’s important that you know the facts.

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number that is used to identify hardcopy and online versions of books. It allows publishers and vendors to easily identify your book without question. Most vendors track sales and inventory through the use of ISBNs, so it is important that you have one. Many eBook hosting platforms require you to have one before they will host your book on their site. Online vendors will use the ISBN to catalog your book and track your sales to report back to you or your publisher.

When it comes to ISBN application or registration for your work, there are multiple routes you can take. The traditional route is in buying your own ISBN from the official ISBN agency. However, the prices for single ISBNs can be astronomically high. That fact makes many self-published authors try to find other routes considering the prices for a single, new ISBN can be upwards of $125.

When looking at eBook converting companies, many people will notice that many of them offer a free ISBN with the conversion of the book. While authors need to be careful of less reputable companies because that can be an attempt to gain copyright. With a reputable company, it can be a wise option for authors to take.

Larger companies are able to buy ISBNs in bulk. Many ISBN agencies offer huge bulk discounts which enable companies to buy a large number of ISBNs for about $1 per number. Because these companies are able to buy ISBNs in bulk, they can offer them to their customers for a small fee or for free. Accepting an ISBN from a reputable vendor won’t cheat you out of any copyright on your work. All it will do is list the company as the publisher of your work. You will still have complete access to your royalties and more.

This can be a very good option for authors that are only publishing a single work. This saves you from the trouble of purchasing your own ISBN to apply to your book. It can also save you a lot of money in the process. However, if you have plans to publish a lot of different pieces, it can be better for you to purchase your own ISBNs for your books. This will ensure that you have full entitlement to all of your work.

Itglobalsolution is able to offer you a free ISBN with your work because we purchase ISBNs in bulk. We do this to provide ISBNs for our clients that are only intend to publish one or two books. In the end, consider your goals for your publishing career. If you only have a couple of works that you want to publish, taking our free ISBN with our conversion can be the least expensive option.