Form Processing Services

Form processing services are a subpart of our data conversion services.  Form processing is a process of inserting data information into data fields then converted into electronic form.  The end data which is converted is created in .doc or .rtf format which is easily accessible and can be secured in an encrypted format.

We have leading hand experience in form processing services. Some examples are listed below

  • Hospital Records Indexing
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Insurance Application Docket Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing Company Forms Digitization
  • Annual Reports
  • Press Releases
  • Financial Surveys
  • Market research form

The list of form/word processing services is quite large as we have helped many organizations maintain their form processing work in an efficient, convenient and cost-effective way while maintaining the required standard quality along with TAT.

Form processing is in the following order:

  • Following the delivery of the client’s completed paperwork, the scanning of batch completed forms is done. Recognition of data automatically; a few characters about which the program is uncertain are passed on to a human operator (can be completed manually entered) verification of data and saving into a database.
  • Input data can be formed (paper or image) such as Immigration, Insurance Claims, Survey / Research Forms, Directory, or Yellow pages.
  • Output can be in any database format or customized application.


  • Easier to manage electronic data rather than on paper.
  • Permanent storage, as the image does not degrade like paper.
  • Minimal errors.
  • Increased productivity.

Benefits from our Form Processing Services:

  • We know the value of privacy, so we take every effort to keep secure from processing effectively and efficiently by following the guidelines of regulatory compliance authorities.
  • Our form processing service rate is very reasonable.
  • We can undertake any volume of work and complete them in a given TAT.
  • Outsourcing of form processing to us is more beneficial in TAT and cost.

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