Client Services

We offer a wide range of client services that are all intended to get you the exact professional that you need. We want to place the right people with the right companies. Our services include a variety of steps and features that help guarantee that we provide you with the best person for your company.

Client Consulting
We will spend time consulting with you to determine what kind of professional you need for the vacancy you are trying to fill. By consulting with you in-depth, we are able to assess what kind of skills, knowledge, compliance certifications, and more that you need in the employee. This process may seem involved, but it allows us to find the staff possible for you.

With the information that you have provided for us, we will begin to analyze what and who we need to look for specifically. During this time we will determine whether we need to search for candidates that have HIPAA compliance training or similar training. We can also determine what kind of corporate culture you need, whether we need to search for consultants, contract workers, or long-term employees for you.

After analysis, we will begin to tap into our network of professionals to find the best potential employees for you to interview. By using our network, we are able to find out more about the candidates as well as receive industry recommendations about them. This also allows us to guarantee their experience and skills.

Once we have identified the candidates that match your requirements best, we will screen them to find the ones that best match the position and your corporate culture. This allows us to narrow down the selection of people and make sure that you will have the cream of the crop to interview.

After our screening process, we will deliver the list of candidates to you to allow you to interview and choose your preferred professional. This whole process will save you and your HR department valuable time.

Follow Up
After you have selected your candidate, we will follow up with both you and the employee to ensure that everyone is pleased with the placement. We want to guarantee that everyone is satisfied with the arrangement.

We offer a wide variety of placements. Our services can help you find employees for, contract staffing, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and more. Our network provides us with a plethora of professionals looking for a wide variety of positions. We will work with you to decide what kind of placement you need. We will be happy to help you plan for future placements as well.

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