Children’s eBook Conversion Services

One of the newly expanding markets in online publishing is children’s eBooks. With the use of tablets and eReaders quickly filtering down through lower and lower age brackets, eBooks for kids are growing in demand. These are an excellent market for authors to get into however there are often issues with converting picture books to eBook formats. We’re here to help! We also specialize in creating kids eBooks for any platform.

While these books are immensely popular, they can be very hard to convert properly. Because children’s books generally rely heavily on pictures, they are often harder for converters to process because the image quality is so important. The text in the book cannot be part of the image but it has to be added as a layer so the text is searchable. We have years of experience in providing high-quality children/kids ebook conversion services and thanks to that experience, we can create amazing eBooks for you. Our staff is fully trained in the entire process and is capable of troubleshooting and fixing any issues that may arise with your eBook. We are happy to work with you till you are pleased with the final product. Our children’s eBooks have all the same features and capabilities that our standard eBooks do.

If you are interested in our children’s ebook conversion services but want more information about the process and the options we offer, please contact Bob at or call 515-865-4591. We can discuss the process and fees with you and get you an estimate on the conversion costs after we understand the scope of work and features needed in the book.