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Print to ePub conversion

ePub is an open eBook standard supported by several electronic readers including iPad of Apple, Nook of Barnes & Noble, Sony reader, Kobo reader, and desktop computers. In the world of smart devices, a large number of people are switching to electronic readers to read books. The traditional way of reading printed books is slowly and gradually becoming obsolete. People are using phones and electronic readers to read books. Other than the portability feature, these readers also enjoy the accessibility to a grand library of eBooks. According to a recent report by a famous research company, the eBook and eReader market has reached a point where it is all set to become a mainstream phenomenon. Therefore, if you want to make the most of this transition from printed books to electronic readers, it is wise to make the move. As a concerned publisher or author, the first thing you can do is to make your book available in an eBook-compatible format such as ePub.

Join hands with the Print to ePub conversion expert

Considering the wide distribution benefits that you could enjoy if you convert your book into ePub format, it is best to seek the help of an expert. IT Global Solution, operating in the arena for many years, ensures good quality ePub conversion services at a lower cost. We provide outstanding eBook conversion services to Kindle, Mobipocket, and ePub format. We follow a manual procedure for conversion, so inconsistent formatting never arises. We exercise greater control over the conversion process so we can maintain 99% of the formatting of your book.

Print to ePUB

The Print to ePUB conversion procedure is quite simple. Email the details related to your printed book at The details include:
  1. The number of pages;
  2. The size of pages;
  3. The font formatting used;
  4. The number of tables, graphs, images, charts, etc.;
  5. Text (one or two columns);
  6. The usage of special characters, bullets, fonts, etc
  7. Number of endnotes/footnotes

Subsequently, we will let you know:

  1. The cost;
  2. The time required for conversion to ePub format; and
  3. The limitations in conversion (if any).
  • If you have any queries related to our quote or conversion process, call us directly at Supremus Group (515) 865-4591.
  • We will proceed further with the conversion process only when we receive your payment and a copy of the book.
  • Following this, we will scan the book and put it in MS Word format, and email it to you to proofread and edit. We recommend you add any reviews or testimonials that you have received in previous years.
  • After we receive the final MS Word version from you, we will convert the book into ePub format.
  • Subsequent to this, we will email you the final version after a thorough quality check. You can also review the converted book to an ePub file and let us know of any changes.
  • The source file will be emailed to you once you are fully satisfied with the ePub format file. You need to save the source file so it is easy to make edits in the future. There is no need to submit the source file to anybody.

Important points to remember:

  • We convert Print to ePUB for authors, publishers, and copyright owners only. If the book is no longer copyright protected, please provide us with the full publication details.
  • If we find any discrepancy between the details you have provided and the original hard copy of the book, we have the right to change the price quote. For an accurate quote send us the printed book at:

Supremus Group LLC, Book Conversion Dept,
855 SE Bell Ct, Suite 300, Waukee, IA 50263

As mentioned above, if you are confused or doubtful about anything related to the conversion procedure, feel free to contact us at or call Bob at Supremus Group on (515) 865-4591.