Document Scanning / Imaging / Indexing Services

Document Scanning / Imaging / Indexing Services

Itglobalsolution is a data entry service provider company that mostly provides document scanning services, document imaging services, and document indexing services.

With the growing demand for digital documentation, many organizations are finding the tough task of converting all their paperback documents to digital documents.  The process is quite complicated and needs specific skills to make it in a standard format.  However, by using our document scanning and imaging services and shifting this unwanted complicated task to our shoulders you will feel you are in your comfort zone.  We provide all types of document scanning and imaging services in a more sophisticated and efficient way.

Document scanning and imaging work are not limited to any one business field but it is a requirement of every field of business no matter it is a book publishing company, a legal or financial organization, or a warehouse or distributor agency.  Every field of business needs to have their paper document needs to convert into electronic form.  We at itglobalsolution are here to provide these document scanning services to these organizations.

Document scanning work is done as per the client’s instruction.  Once an input work is delivered to us, we will take full care of it by maintaining and preserving it and giving you the required output file with 99.99% quality.  We strive hard to maintain the standard quality of work by preserving the quality images and text and making every effort to strictly follow the client’s instructions.

Document imaging work is done

  • In receipt of input from the client which may include any paper document type such as Books, Manuals, Periodicals, research papers, customer lists, Catalogs, legal papers, etc.
  • Paper documents are scanned with the help of an advanced specialized scanner in standard Industry image formats at a resolution of 600 DPI.
  • The scanned image is captured with the latest updated advanced software of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) where scanning errors are corrected.
  • The final process is done by manual proofreading and updating which ensures 99.995 % of the correct documents can be stored as .doc or .rtf or as per the client’s requirement & document management systems.

Along with document scanning and document imaging services, we have very good leading hand experience in document indexing with the help of the latest cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce.

Indexing is basically done to recognize data for easiness and accurateness of retrieval.  Indexing is field-based full text or amalgamation of the two.  Imaging and indexing in general tribute to each other and facilitate end-users to search the database using any word for the computer to make a match between search terms and text of the document.

Benefits of using our Document Scanning and Document Imaging Services

  • We provide the above services at a very reasonable rate.
  • We are quite confident that we can beat any US-based company by more margin and can return the output work in given TAT along with maintaining the standard quality.
  • High volume provider client is given a discount.
  • We strictly maintain the safety and security of the data provided by the client and we follow all the guidelines of regulatory compliance authorities.
  • We provide full online support to our clients.

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